IWA has grouped its commitments into three categories:

1: As the global network of water and sanitation professionals, we commit to remaining engaged as is needed in forum such this and activities such as this so we continue to play our legitimate role, but most importantly to be a vehicle for taking the results and the imperatives for the professional community back to our colleagues so there will be actions by the professional community.

2: To accelerate the rate of development and implementation of the integrated solutions that we have seen presented so many times in this Forum that are so important in terms of advancing the Human Right to Water and Sanitation and sustainable development as they contribute to health, dignity, and well-being for humans, economic growth which is so vital for poverty reduction, and the protection of the environment both because of the services that the environment provides and its intrinsic value.

3: We will continue to consolidate and extend the diverse partnerships that have been built through this Forum, that are so necessary to implement these integrated solutions.