Cross Continent Mediterranean

Key organisations :

Cross Continental Coordinator:

Hachmi Kennou Mediterranean Water Institute (IME)

Participating countries and organizations

Algeria : Ministry of Water Resources

Egypt: Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

Spain: General Direction of Water Ministry of Environment, Rural Area and the Sea

Greece: Department of International Relations and European Affairs at the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change

Morocco: General Direction of Hydraulic at the Secretary of State of Water and Environment

France: Water and Biodiversity Directorate at Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing


Regional networks

Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly/ ARLEM

Mediterranean Center for Integration/ CMI (to be confirmed)

United Cities and Local Governments /UCLG

Euro-Mediterranean Community of Irrigants (to be confirmed)

Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions / CRPM (to be confirmed)

Partenariat Global pour l’Eau (GWP Med) / MedEUWI

Mediterranean Water Institute / IME

Euro-Mediterranean Water / IEA

Prospective Economic Institute of the Mediterranean World / IPEMED

Plan Bleu

Mediterranean Network of Basin Organizations / MENBO

Euro-Mediterranean Information System on the know-how in the Water Sector / EMWIS

World Wildlife Fund /WWF

The Mediterranean water community has strongly imprinted her presence. For the 6th World Water Forum, the Mediterranean water community will propose solutions to a large number of issues related to water in order to ensure a better regional implementation with a world impact. The 1st Mediterranean Water Forum that will be held in Marrakech (Morocco) in December 2011 is crucial to the Mediterranean regional preparatory process of the 6th World Water Forum, which is based on priorities and targets specific to the Mediterranean region in accordance with the other processes of the Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe regions.