Region Europe

Key organisations :
Regional Coordinator Jean-Francois Donzier International Office for Water (IOWater)

Key partners (this list is as present) UNECE, European Commission, European Parliament Council of Europe, INBO, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Russian Federation); EC-IFAS, REC Caucasus, CENN, GWP Med, Secretariat of the European International Rivers Commissions, European Centre for Rivers Restoration, European Water Association, ONEMA, Solidarity Water Europe, EUREAU, EURELECTRIC, Société Hydrotechnique de France, WSSTP, IWRM Net Consortium, Network of Regional Government for Sustainable Development, COPA – COGESA

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During the 4th World Water Forum in 2006, the European process generated a number of recommendations on water scarcity and droughts, stressing the need to invest substantially in real-time monitoring, scenario modelling and data-collection activities in order to increase preparedness, improve forecasting extreme events’ frequency and intensity, and provide early warning systems. The European regional report at the Istanbul’s 5th World Water Forum was the occasion to emphasize, in line with the motto of “bridging divides”, the issues of financing, water efficiency, cost recovery, as well as the issues of river basin management and access of the poor to drinking water and sanitation.