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  • A quick study of an economic or financial model of a typical Nigerian SWA shows that pricing is not the most sensitive item for sustainability. Rather efficiency of the SWAs. Efficiency. If service delivery and collection efficiency can be enhanced most SWAs will break even. But at the heart of this in Nigeria is the need to stabilize the network…[Read more]

    • Thank you for this fresh perspective. Indeed proper pricing can ensure proper supply and delivery of water to poorest regions. Thank you for the 5 solutions you published! Don’t hesitate to submit more if you have other innovative or existing solution!

  • Sustainable cost recovery is possible in African Urban Cities. If mobile phones are owned by high school students and low income folks run power generating sets for five hours daily in Nigeria, paying 5 US dollars per month is affordable. But water users should not pay for the inefficiencies of the SWAs. Unacounted for Water from phisical losses…[Read more]

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    hi Mr Paul, I am interested in the low cost leak detection technology, physical losses account for over 40 percent of our unaccounted for water in Nigeria and UFW could be as high as 90% in most SWAs in Nigeria

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    cost recovery is essential. In Nigeria our problem is psychopathic; people just have this unfounded notion that tap water should not appropriately priced even if economic rates are paid for the informal water sector. International advocacy support for campain against the place of business in water supply also make private investors (risk shy) to…[Read more]

    In reply to - cheriyanmk posted an update Water Policy draft- 2012 in India favours privatisation of services The Union government has begun consultations on a new National Water Policy that calls for privatisation of […] · View
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