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Head of GIS&RS Info Management Department


Soil Fertilizer & Water Resources Central Research Institute

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Hydrogeological Engineer, 1994
Hydrogeological Eng
, M. Sc. 1998, Soil science, spatial modelling, Ph.D, 2010
Short Biography:
I have been working on different stage of hydrological cycle which includes hydrological, meteorological, agricultural and environmental mostly with spatial data. As it is very well known in model context it is necessary every kind of raster and vector data related to physical environment. I am generally using agro-hdrological, environmental spatial data on the research projects. Because of my duty in my department (GIS&RS Info Management Department) I have been organizing the data which are related to soil resources, water resources and agro-environmental spatial information.
I was national GIS and technical key expert for the implementation of Nitrate Directive in Turkey.
The aim of my dept. is developing and producing agro-environmental spatial data by related research and implementation projects.