• Bruno Anhe posted an update in the priority 1.1 Guarantee access to water for all and the Right to water: 8 years, 4 months ago

    Throw away cooking oil incorrectly in the environment can contaminate rivers, lakes and jeopardize the lives of marine species. There are some reports that one single liter of oil can pollute up to 25,000 liters of water. Throw away the oil in the ground, is not the proper way to dispose of. On the ground the oil causes its waterproofing, favoring the occurrence of floods, or begins to decompose, releasing methane gas during this process, causing bad smell, besides aggravating the greenhouse effect. When you throw out the oil in the sink of your home, it is mixed with organic matter, causing blockages in grease traps and pipes. The correct destination for the used oil is the production of biodiesel. Each liter of used oil can make 0,95 liter of biodiesel.

    • Though minute, the recycling of used cooking oil is a self-sustaining enterprise in my homeland. The used oil is purchased at a 1/10 of its retail value. 25% is the cost of purification leading to a 25% profit margin after labor.