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2006 finished Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Sana'a University. 2006 started to work as water engineer for National Water Resources Authority, Ministry of Water and Environment. During 2007 worked as a civil engineer for Sana'a Basin Water Management Project-World Bank in component one (Best Practices of water usage), at the same time worked as a counterpart for JICA study team to formulate a water resources management action plan for Sana'a Basin. 2008 participated in a long-term training called International leadership Training in Integrated Water Resources Management in Germany. 2009 worked as water planner at NWRA-Sana'a Branch. 2009 worked as GIS and GPS trainer for Electricity Corporation, 2009 participated in several training in Germany by GIZ like ( Governance in Urban Sanitation, Organisational Development in Water Utilities, Key performance Indicators, Effective communication and leadership) afterwards, selected to be e.learning Tutor for water and sanitation courses and selected as a Trainer for international trainings by InWEnt (now GIZ). In 2010 started my master at leibniz University in Hannover – Germany in the field of Water and Environmental Management. 2011 have been a member in Historical Water Management organisation in Germany(DWhG). 2012 discussed my master thesis '' Research -Study of Chemical Phosphorus Elimination in SBR-Process in Industrial wastewater Treatment Plant'' and finished my master in 10.2012 with excellent grade.


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