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Mohamed Al-Hamdi


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UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)

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Mohamed Al-Hamdi joined ESCWA in July 2009, where he contributes to the services and support that ESCWA provides its member countries in the field of water management, particularly in issues related to water supply and sanitation and the management of shared water resources. For more than nine years prior to his appointment in ESCWA, Mr. Al-Hamdi served as the Deputy Minister for Water Affairs at the Ministry of Water and Environment and as the Vice-Executive Chairman of the National Water and Sanitation Authority in the Republic of Yemen. With an academic background in civil and sanitary engineering and water resources management, he has also served as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Sana’a University and contributed to the development of the Integrated Water Resources Management post-graduate program at the Water and Environment Centre of Sana’a University.


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