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    • Somalia: No Water. No Solution.
      Hussein ali mahamed
      The Horn of Africa, especially war-torn Somalia, is again the scene of a humanitarian tragedy. The two last rain seasons have failed. Already extremely poor, peasants cannot grow anything. Their animals have died of thirst. Food prices have spiked. Thousands have no choice but to walk for days in the scorching heat in the hope of reaching one of the refugee camps set up in neighbouring Kenya or Ethiopia. Some die en route, including infants. The camps are now overflowing and the aid organizations lack the means to help all those who arrive.
      I wonder if the Western democracies’ efforts are aimed at the right goals. Could the money we spend in Libya , for instance, be more useful in the Horn of Africa? Or is the situation in Somalia so desperate that there is nothing more we can do, besides sending aid to alleviate the thirst and hunger of those who are lucky enough to reach the camps