The Citizen’s House for Water

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Projet In vitroThe “Citizen’s House for Water” is a place of dialogue, advocacy and cultural expression. It constitutes part of the official Forum programme and its primary role is to host open and participatory debates with the objective of overcoming divides and finding concrete solutions among all stakeholders. The idea is to encourage free and frank discussion of ideas.

It will also serve as a bridge between the Forum participants and the general public.

It will propose activites such as multiple workshops and working sessions of varying durations; discussions and informal meetings, audio-visual projections, artistic performances, openings and launches.

For the new Citizen’s House for Water, which will be built for the 6th World Water Forum, 43 students from the National School of Architecture of Marseille (ENSA-M) took part in the contest.

The 1st Prize “House of water and bags of earth” was awarded to Caroline Arrighi, Augustin Chavaux, Germán Da Rosa Garcia, Clemence Mallet, ENSA-M students who also follow the studio “relationship & sustainability” of the master H21 Department supervised by professors Jean-Marc Huygen, Arlette Herat, and Carole Jean Charles Franceschi Lenoble.

The jury was composed of four people: Patrick Vilaire, artist and sculptor from Haiti, Salvador García Esteban Urrieta Engineer, Architect of the Graduate School of Engineering and Architecture of Mexico (IPN-ESIA), Nicolas Magnan, independent architect (Magnan architecture firm), Dominique Perrin-Figeac, events and logistics Director in charge of coordinating operations and events for the 6th World Water Forum.

Ms Perrin Figeac, as President of the jury presented the three prices. A fourth award was given for ‘Research and Development’.

Other winners are:

  • 2nd Prize, Temple of the Rain “: François-Xavier Bartoli, Erick Bellanger,Bruno Pouleur William Rangheard,
  • 3rd Prize, “Message in the Bottle”: Vivien Del Campo, Louis Eisenlohr,Martin Halstead, Louis Rampal, Richard Ternik,
  • Special “research and development,” H2O “: Imad Ismaili, Roberto LucioRodriguez, Noel Tarifa Fernández, Alexis Valour

More information (in French)

Grassroots & Citizenship process

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