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In Africa as everywhere else, the water crisis is first and foremost a “crisis of governance”. Hence, it is crucial to improve water management tools, and performance indicators can play a significant role in this respect. This project was precisely aimed at developing and adapting performance indicators for the management of African transboundary waters.  Identification of indicators that are relevant and applicable (meaning pragmatic, not being time-consuming, and in line with local realities) was indeed one of the main objective of the project. The project also include the publication of an handbook which aim is to assist technical experts and representatives of basin organisations in their use of the Governance and Technical Indicators developed and applied in the context of the project. It provides information on the role of the indicators, a glossary of the governance and technical indicators. The Handbook also proposes instructions on how to gather and analyse indicator data and how to provide reports on the indicators, as well as how to use them for communication with stakeholders. In a few words, it translates IWRM and indicator concepts into lay language, allowing readers to understand how the performance indicators developed in this project are used, the implications of their use for transboundary IWRM, and the process of developing the indicators within this project.

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