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Evian, Volvic, Badoit, Salvetat are major brands of bottled Natural Mineral Water (NMW) native from preserved French areas, and sold in France and also, for more than half of the volumes, worldwide (respectively in about 130 and 65 countries for Evian and Volvic). The Evian bottling factory is one of the most important bottling plants in the world. The main objective of these long term and still running NMW protection policies projects is to maintain the purity of the NMW and the long-term stability of its mineral content. In the spring area, the mineral aquifer thus benefits from a 3-fold protection: (i) natural geological protection, (ii) legal protection (the “Declaration of Public Interest” – DIP) that is mostly conceived to maintain the integrity of the impermeable cover of the aquifer, and (iii) technical protection (design and protection of the spring catchwork). Consequently, the “participative water protection policies” mostly deal with the catchment (about 35 km2 in Evian).

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