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The solution presented is Bayesian networks (BNs) used as a participatory decision support system (DSS). Bayesian networks (BNs) are directed acyclic graphs which attempt to represent the main variables of a system and their quantified relationships using Bayes’ probability theory (Jensen 1996). In other words, BNs provide a probabilistic representation of the relationships between input parameters and their dependent variables. Like other types of causal diagrams, BNs offer an excellent means to engage stakeholders and elicit knowledge and values (Lynam et al. 2007). BNs are useful for focusing the dialogue on key issues (Rieman et al. 2001). Another remarkable feature of BNs is that they allow the inclusion of both qualitative and quantitative knowledge. This, combined with the ability to carry out rapid updates and simulations, encourages communication and learning (Zorrilla et al. 2010). As a result, some authors conclude that BNs are excellent for strategic considerations (Henriksen et al. 2007).

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