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We propose to commence an international collaborative modeling effort to make visible and interconnect basic global freshwater trends and regional differences (and tradeoffs). This is a proposed collaboration among scientists/practitioners who use collaborative/mediate/participatory/shared model building in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). To the extent possible, we aim to involve policy and decision makers in the process of model building to ensure relevance and uptake of this model as a communication tool. We intend to scale up our understanding of IWRM to assess, integrate and communicate social, economic and ecological trends in a user-friendly modeling framework (Vensim), relevant to decision makers at global level (similar to what C-roads aimed to achieve in the global Climate Change debate). We contribute to the global dialogue on freshwater resources by summarizing and interlinking key trends (from existing, detailed models and data bases) and develop a “simple” simulation model based on system dynamics. We think that this initiative complements existing specialized models with an emphasis on (1) a collaborative/participatory approach to model building (2) translation of science to improve communication between scientists and policy/decision makers and (3) integration of social, economic and ecological perspectives.

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