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The young district collector in his frequent visits to rural area explored location specific intervention strategies, until one day he came upon a farmer who agreed to do insitu water harvesting by digging a medium size pond (talaab) in part of his farm and irrigate the remaining land. Implementing the first case was extremely difficult without any enabling environment. However once the talaab was completed, water harvested and the resultant high agricultural production and profit of Rs 4 lacs in the first year was sufficient to wipe out the investment. The decentralized surface storage structures as a viable irrigation system was established.

Open wells are now back and 733 wells have been constructed under Kapildhara scheme in Tonk khurd tehsil of Dewas alone since 2007. The small farmers have got back their due. Multiple livelihoods including dairy and fisheries have evolved and the employment days and minimum wages have gone up for the individuals. The implementation of the program by district administration was mooted in public-private partnership mode with public agencies providing the technical and logistic support and individual farmers utilizing their land and personal (including financial) resources for construction.

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