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The mission of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), United States and Mexico , is to provide binational solutions to issues that arise during the application of United States – Mexico treaties regarding boundary demarcation, national ownership of waters, sanitation, water quality, and flood control in the border region.  Article 2 of the 1944 Water Treaty states that the jurisdiction of the Commission shall extend to the limitrophe [adjacent] parts of the Rio Grande and the Colorado River; to the land boundary between the two countries, and to works located upon their common boundary, each Section of the Commission retaining jurisdiction over that part of the works located within the limits of its own country.  As such the IBWC serves as the focal point for dialogue and cooperation for issues related to water along the 1,952 miles of the U.S. – Mexico International Boundary.  This includes negotiation of addenda to the existing treaties in the form of Commission Minutes (formal agreements between both governments), sharing of joint monitoring data, analysis of technical problems and publication of relevant reports, convening of binational technical meetings and workgroups, facilitation of Citizen Forums for stakeholder inputs, and other activities.

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