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This solutions aims o facilitate actions for wider IWRM practical implementation in the region:
•    National IWRM Plans (or IWRM Visions) development and their adoption by National Water Authorities in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan – by the end 2012.

•    National IWRM policy dialogues in all countries for promotion of wide public participation (proper stakeholders) in water governance.

•    With the framework of the Aral Sea Basin Program-3 to establish the network of training centers and managing the coordinated capacity development process over the region.

•    Creation the expert working groups for legal and financial justification of IWRM and establishing its legislative basis, improving water charging mechanisms, legal and financial coordination of efficient water use aspects at all hierarchic levels – during 2012-2014.

•    Provide assistance to the National water authorities to attract funds for technical measures during 2011-2012, aiming: introduction of water record keeping; contribution of hydro-meteorological services in IWRM; establishing the extension service for improving the water productivity; computerization of managing the water supply and irrigation systems;  water-saving interventions, etc.

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