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The Perth seawater desalination plant, with a production of 143,000 cubic meters per day, is currently the second largest reverse osmosis plant in Australia and in the Southern Hemisphere. It began supplying municipal drinking water in November 2006.

The desalination plant, developed under a DBO project by Western Australian Water Corporation, is able to produce 17% of the total potable demand for the Perth Integrated Water Supply System (IWSS).The plant buys its power from electricity generated by the Emu Downs Wind Farm, located 200 kilometers north of Perth. This wind farm has a capacity of production of 80 MW, more than three times the maximum consumption of the desalination plant. The 48 wind turbines contribute over 272 giga-watt-hours (GWhr) per year into the grid, fully offsetting the Perth SWRO Plant’s estimated electrical requirement of 180 GWhr per year.

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