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PHYTOREM® designs and builds custom eco-wastewater treatment plants for the private, public and industrial sectors. We have  designed and marketed since 2002 a system that both treats biologically contaminants in water and soil thanks to its patented technology “Bambou-Assainissement®” and recovers polluting elements in plant biomass without producing sewage sludge and that blends seamlessly with the landscape. This solution applies to the treatment of organic pollution resulting from domestic wastewater or storm water, food industry effluents, breeding centre effluents and contaminated soils. It is aimed at eco-industries, green buildings, semi-collective infrastructures (villages, campsites, etc.) or any collective infrastructure producing biodegradable effluents. Its clients are industrial groups such as Nestlé Waters, Refresco France (Délifruits), Pocheco (printing office), vineyards (Rousseau, Champagnes Larmandier-Bernier, Château Sulauze, etc.), municipalities, etc.


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