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The method used to assess the flood risk and vulnerability mapping consisted in:

  • Assessing vulnerability-Tools and methods
  • Field Survey and group discussions
  • Mapping for Preparedness
    The mapping was done adopting three different approaches:

-          A geomorphic approach to hazard mapping using geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing (RS)

-          Hazard mapping through the measurement of rainfall-runoff processes using US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrological Engineering Corporation’s River System Analysis (HEC-RAS) model

-          Social flood hazard mapping based on local people’s perceptions and experiences

The main sources of information were:

Maps, aerial photographs, satellite images, household survey, group discussions, field observation and published and unpublished documents.

GIS based software such as ArcView, ILWIS, and HEC-GeoRas were used for data processing and analysis.

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