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Compact in size and weighing just 10 grams, Peepoo is a completely portable toilet that’s easy to transport, distribute, carry, handle and use – with the potential to save lives on a massive scale by helping prevent the spread of disease at the source. Because Peepoo does not require scarce water resources, it cuts the traditional link between sanitation and water. Peepoo’s two-layer design ensures that the bacteria in human excreta do not come into contact with skin because the inner, wider tube helps to keep hands clean when holding or closing it after use by tying the top into a simple knot. Once closed, Peepoo remains odour-free for at least 12-24 hours after use.

Designed to be used just once, Peepoo is in the form of a slim, elongated bag made of a high-performance, completely degradable bio-plastic – a mixture of aromatic co-polyesters and polylactic acid (PLA) with small additives of wax and lime – which meets EU standard EN 13432l. As the bio-plastic disintegrates, its molecules are broken down into carbon dioxide, water and bio-mass. Inside the bag, for ease of use, a thin layer of green gauze unfolds to form a wide funnel when Peepoo is opened.

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