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The earthquake that affected Chile in February 2010 brought with it a range of consequences on infrastructure and people’s way of living. The effects were particularly stronger from the VII region downwards. Thus, the small town of Maule, with a population of 20.000 people, suffered among other things, damages to its waste stabilisation ponds system (WSP). Basically, the left-hand side embankment (in the flow direction) slid off and cracked allowing for wastewater exfiltration from the facultative pond. Moreover, the chlorine contact chamber for disinfection got tilt in the same direction of the flow. Therefore, the cooperative association of water and sanitation services providers (FESAN, www.fesan.coop) started the action plan to recover and improve the WSP at Maule. This manuscript therefore reports on the results of an expert technical mission carried out in 2010 to assess the likely recovery of the WSP system.  The assessment was promising and the objective is to refurbish the whole system by implementing the contemporary environmental thinking paradigm where water decontamination technology is better understood and implemented if applied holistically with respect to its environmental context. Therefore, the ecosystem services concept together with the ecological engineering approach and the implementation of a Water & Sanitation Learning Centre, will be at the heart of this water quality solution.

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