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Solution belongs to long-term vision of regional survival on the transboundary waters.
– joint actions of all countries for more precise long-term and annual forecasts by improving activity of and cooperation among national hydrometeorological services; organization of a system of timely warning (as developed under direction 7);
– transition to the system of long-term and seasonal regulations, which will account a need to mitigate extreme water conditions both in dry and humid seasons; rehabilitation of irrigation releases from the main flow-forming waterworks facilities or, at least, of their combined regimes, which provide for so much as 50 % reduction of water shortage (as developed under direfction 3);
– program of purposeful water conservation within the framework of all-round implementation of IWRM in all countries, and, at the same time, development of a program for achievement of potential water productivity in all economic sectors, first of all, in irrigated agriculture (as developed under directions 5 and 4);
– development of a mechanizm for adaptation to climatic and hydrological variations, with account of economic characteristics.

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