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This solution is a financial solution to reduce geographical inequities for access to water: public investments in infrastructure. It has been developed by the Ukrainian government in 2000.

In Ukraine, problems of continuity and good quality concerning the access to water in rural areas persist. Most rural residents rely on local groundwater sources. In 2010, 10.4 million rural residents (74% of rural population) did not have access to centralized water supply. Groundwater is mobilized through multiple means, such as shallow wells (over 2.1 million), catchments (over 1,000), artesian wells (about 80,000) and deep wells (more than 350,000). Yet, more than 1,300 rural settlements in 16 oblasts (totalling a population of more than 850,000 people) do not have constant access to good quality water and have to either transport water by lorries or use low quality water from local sources. While this is not a new problem, it has worsened in the last 20 years due to pollution and extreme weather events (floods and droughts).


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