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State of Qatar is located in an arid and semi-arid area that suffers from scarcity of fresh water.  In this area, the individual share of renewable water dose not exceed 500 m3 /year.  The majority of its land is made up of deserts, in which the surface waters such rivers and lakes, does not exist.Producing Fresh water by desalinating sea water although were used in a limited scale around the world at that time, but was considered to be safe and reliable alternative source of fresh water which can meet the increasing demand.  In 1953, the states of Qatar built five units and their total capacity reached 150040 gallon/day (628 m3/ day).  Further, since 1959 to date, State of Qatar started constructing Sea Water Desalination Plants in Ras Abou Aboud, Ras Abou Fontas and Ras Laffan were the production capacity reached now 327 MIGD.

More than 60 years of experience in operating, maintaining and developing sea water desalination stations together with its unique privatization and international partnership made the state of Qatar among the leading countries in this field.

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