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The Amdhikhola hydropower plant was built on a model of sustainable development for rural community:

  • the dam produced 40Wh of electricity every year
  • 100,000 people spread over 32 villages have acess to electricity
  • 200 small enterprises have been set up since it was put into operation
  • the excess water from the headrace is used to irrigate 282Ha of land, wich benefits 800 household
  • the operation and management of the irrigation system is provided by a farmers organisation
  • the choice of low cost wiring facilitating the connection to electricity to low-income families
  • a fixed tariff system is used which does not need meter reading, thereby decreasing the administrative costs
  • promoting using electricity for cooking instead of the fuel wood contribute to the environmental protection
  • more than 20 users organisations are involved in the management of local distribution of electricity


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