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This project is to follow up the results of the Preliminary Planning of Watershed Community Resource Integration and Knowledge Network Building in 2009, including 5 major missions. First, to build up the communicating platform of the public and the government and the mechanism of public participation, we held 12 forums for river issues and visions. Second, it’s to enhance the function of the website to strengthen the network of watershed communities. Third, we tried to organize many local communities and River Management Office, Water Resources Agency to cooperate with each other to participate in the carnivals for Taiwan Rivers Day in 2010. Forth, we collected more than 20 cases about river education and wrote and edited a guidebook for Xindian River in order to spread and deepen river education. And the last mission is to plan NGOs’ international exchange, converse Taiwan NGOs’ efforts for river education and protection actions to the papers, PowerPoint and brochures in English version and to plan how to prepare for participating in the 6th World Water Forum for Taiwan NGOs.

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