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 The model offers an Integrated Agriculture Solution with Infrastructural Support for Sustainable Livelihoods through decentralized Small Scale Surface Water Harvesting Structure. The solution (field bunding) is a continuous activity having annual targets and budget: once field bunds are constructed, clear boundary demarcation in turn reduces conflict among farmers + they can hold the run off rain water for their paddy crop. Sustainable solutions since these are permanent structures, with minor maintenance work has needed from beneficiaries (+ very cheap (Rs 6000/ per acre and  manually operated with little technical inputs). To promote this, awareness camps at Gram Panchayat level and field bunding work were organized. It started in 2009: two hundred and eighty two employees were engaged in organising these camps and 117585 eligible farmers were identified. Two years later, 104573 households  benefited. The District collector has conceptualized the whole set of activities and set a time frame for it and created a pool of resources (e.g. a land treated under MNREGA provides employment to the farm owner as well as other labourers residing in his village). The work executed through the district administration got the cooperation of Sarpanch/ PRIs and other grassroots level functionaries

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