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In the perspective of implementing sector reforms to improve water supply services in Urban Local Bodies, the Government of Karnataka (India) initiated the Karnataka Urban Water Sector Improvement Project (KUWASIP). The Project’s main objective was to launch urban water supply reforms as per the Urban Drinking Water and Sanitation Policy Statement of the Government of Karnataka and improve bulk supply in order to introduce continuous pressurised water distribution services. Indeed major cities in India still cannot provide water to its inhabitants on a continuous basis, this implies important stress on the resource, water waste on the user side and contamination problems. Practically, a Demonstration Project for providing continuous pressurized water to customers for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year in selected Demonstration Zones in three pilot areas (Hubli-Dharwad,  Belgaum and Gulbarga) implying involvement of private sector was conceived in 2005 with the aim of demonstrating that sustainable, efficient and commercially-oriented service provisions could be achieved. After a competitive international bidding process Veolia Environment was chosen to implement this project financed by the World Bank.

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