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bombeo de 100 lts

The Wastewater Treatment process generates odours that may cause discomfort to some residents living near the plant, and even generate reactions from environmental authorities. Such was the case in 2005, when, authorities in the field from the city of El Paso, Texas, made a disciplinary warning to the Management of the Treatment Plant, citing environmental damage resulting from the emission of odours from the process. To address the problem the Municipal Board of Water and Sanitation in Ciudad Juárez, (JUMAS) and to reach an achievement in the Integrated Management of Wastewater Treatment, a process of combining the benefits of innovative technologies was develop that has solved critical problems in the city ​​and open up opportunities for social, environmental, economic development and community health. This process seeks to increase the quantity and level of wastewater sanitation to 98%, the construction of a pipeline that concentrates the sludge of the main plants in 2 digesters and biogas generator that will power a plant of electricity generation sufficient to power illumination system in the treatment plant.

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