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The stakeholder’s driver was the need of the people to have access to safe drinking water and also the necessity to identify and constitute a proper mechanism /institution that will ensure the operation and maintenance of the system, providing high quality service. Water consumers’ associations are non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical civic organizations formed by free will of the associated persons in order to provide water supply and sanitation services. Decentralized model of water supply services was developed and proved as a viable option in 20 villages (approx. 10000 households and over 34.000 inhabitants). All systems implemented since 2002 are managed locally through water consumers associations (WCAs) and are well-functioning. Through increased access to water, hygiene and living conditions in rural areas reached a higher level (installation of boilers, automatic washing machines, and in-house showers). The WCAs manage not only to operate and maintain, but also to improve the systems (installation of additional water meters, monitoring of the water yield) and expand the organization’s activity area.

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