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Developing water awareness is one of the basic pillars on which the Water Development Department (WDD) is investing for achieving a change of attitude and culture on the use of water in order to conserve it. The awareness campaign about the water problem consisted of: a) lectures in schools by WDD personnel and four literature teachers recruited for a period of five months. By 2010 a number of 437 lectures were given to educational institutions nationwide, and the number of youngsters who attended these lectures amounted to 40,276; b) advertising and presentations on media, such as sponsoring the Weather Bulletin at the Main News Bulletin of the Cyprus Broadcasting Service, promoting the slogan: “mind the water”; c) publications to inform the public about the water problem; d) annual Press Conference by the Director of the WDD; e) Support of various Agencies/Organizations by the WDD and other events; f) Other activities such as seminars, symposia, workshops, studies and consultations with the public, g)  Setup of a website for the WDD and its daily updating.

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