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The first step in WaterCycle’s plan is to embark on a three pronged learning mission to help us and the public better understand water issues:

  1. An African cycling expedition designed to help us experience water adversity and to learn about privatization and sustainability in a setting that presents some of the world’s most extreme examples of water issues.
  2. A media campaign that will chronicle the expedition, helping the general public learn about water issues with us in an entertaining and accessible way.  The media campaign will require the participation of local communities and individuals, as we will seek to record and understand their water struggles and successes.  We are especially interested in presenting local water initiatives that have been designed with sustainability in mind.
  3. The creation of a water-themed database of educational resources that educators can use to incorporate water issues into everyday learning. Education will enable and mobilize people to make better personal water choices and to pressure corporations and governments at all levels (local, regional and international) to do the same.  We feel that education will be one of the most impactful strategies in making the right to water a worldwide reality.  

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