Pilot Project for Solar Powered Desalination Plants using brackish groundwater in Abu Dhabi Emirate

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The project consists of modular and semi-mobile photovoltaic solar cells power supply system with a capacity of 45 K Watt/hr working during the day hours only to reduce the cost of energy storage. The generated electrify is used to operate a high efficient RO desalination plant for brackish groundwater treatment. The capacity of each RO unit is 5 m3/hr with a recovery ratio of 60%. The system is provided with an ultraviolet filtration and disinfection system. The raw water is abstracted from a groundwater with a submersible pump operated by the solar energy also. Various alternatives and options for brine water discharge were evaluated and it was found that the optimal solution is use evaporative lake. However and some areas where the raw water salinity is less than 10,000 the produced brine water can be used for irrigating native desert plant species (salt tolerant species). It has been found that this system is feasible and the consumption of the energy ranges between 3.0 to 5.0 Kwatt/m3.

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