Community Managed Project (CMP) approach to implement rural water services

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Financial innovation: The key feature of CMP approach is that funds – also finance grant  (subsidy) –  are  transferred directly to communities via a micro-finance institution as well as communities for carrying project management responsibilities for physical implementation of water schemes all the way from the beginning.

Communities are participating in the projects financially too: they collect cash money in the accounts in a micro-finance institute for implementation and for O&M and they participate in implementation also by providing materials and manpower. The vital part of CMP approach is the public auditing, which takes place immediately after implementation and in certain intervals afterwards. When communities are managing their own projects and district authorities are only supervising and controlling the implementation and when the Water, Sanitation and Health Committees (WASHCOs) selected by the communities to take care of the projects are really responsible to communities through public auditing meetings, the sustainablity of services  are much better than earlier