The Water Regulation Information System – A Suitable Instrument to Monitor the Progressive Realization of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation

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The Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB), as Regulator, is mandated to ensure that consumers are protected and have access to efficient, adequate, affordable and sustainable services. For that purpose, WASREB, inter alia, monitors, evaluates and reports on the performance of Water Service Providers (WSPs) – utilities – and Water Services Boards (WSBs) – asset holders – in providing adequate water services to the consumer, using the Water Regulation Information System (WARIS) as its main data source. The latter is a database application software which helps WASREB to collect up-to-date technical, financial, personnel, commercial and general information on WSPs and WSBs, allowing for effective regulatory decision-making as well as public reporting by the Regulator on sector performance via the annual IMPACT Report. More broadly, it helps to inform policy making, planning and implementation towards improving service levels and the extending formal services to all Kenyans.