Bridging the Nile Cooperation Information Gap through the Grand Renaissance Dam

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The solution to this long-standing challenge largely lies in the construction of the Ethiopian grand renaissance dam where NBD will work closely with the relevant actors to ensure that information availability and concerted dialogues, leads to a recognition and implementation of international water law principles. This dam has opened up great opportunities for building trust, peace and cooperation.

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International Drought Initiative (IDI)

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Droughts have several economical, social and environmental impacts, depending on their intensity and duration. Occurrence of droughts is a natural event and it is not specific to a region or climatic regime, and it can occur in different climatic and geographic situations. Unlike floods that have limited coverage areas, droughts usually affect vast regions, and this causes a more widespread and extensive range of impacts which last for a long time. Therefore, droughts affect a large number of populations in comparison with other natural disasters. The experiences in developed and developing countries on drought management has proved that besides the level of development, the impacts and consequences of this phenomenon is deep and considerable, even with different characteristics and nature.  With no doubt, the occurrence of this phenomenon is one of the important obstacles in the development process of the countries. As the impacts of this event lasts for a long period, the countries and people who have been affected by this phenomenon are forced to spend extensive financial resources to encounter it during and after the event.