Establish Sustainable land use based on watershed management system in transboundary region of South Caucasus in response to Climate Change

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One of the most vulnerable countries of Eastern Europe in terms of flooding and water related natural hazards to the projected impacts of climate change is South Caucasus. Climate change will result in more frequent occurrence of hydro-meteorological hazards and associated catastrophic events. The proposed project illustrates how to develop resilience of highly vulnerable communities and regions to climate related hazards, such as floods, flash floods and associated disaster. The project takes and integrated and comprehensive approach by addressing critical gaps in land use policy and regulatory framework, fundamental to climate resilient flood management. The project proposes the following solutions for Climate Change uncertainties in water planning such as: strengthening policy, planning and regulatory environments for promotion of sustainable land management (SLM) in transboundary watersheds of the South Caucasus region via development and endorsement of bilateral watershed SLM Action Plans identifying DRR priorities;