Health and Wholeness: Broadening Conceptual Frontiers of Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH)

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Broadening conceptual frontiers of WASH entails looking beyond hydrological and biomedical dimensions and up-scaling the stakeholder base.  Health and Wholeness is a mandatory foundation course at Uganda Christian University for all first year students, to introduce basic concepts of health. Three of the 13 units are centered on WASH.  It was a dynamic response to the high incidences of health complications that could be avoided through improved knowledge, practices and attitudes.

Uganda is still far from reaching the Millennium Development Goal 7 target 10; which focuses on increased access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Despite the fact that over 75% of Uganda’s disease burden is considered to be preventable (GOU-UNICEF 2006-2010), a number of communities in Uganda are still vulnerable to WASH related hazards.