The Acreditar Training Program: Capacity-building, Employment and Sustainability in the Amazon

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The Acreditar Training Program is an innovative and unprecedented capacity-building program developed and implemented by Odebrecht. The inspiration for the creation of Acreditar was the lack of skilled labor in Porto Velho, the capital of the state of Rondônia, 8 km from the location of the Santo Antônio Hydropower Plant (3,150 MW). A survey of professional skills in the town showed that only 30% the local population would meet the demand for skilled labor required for construction of the plant. This revealed a challenge: the majority of the manpower to work at the construction site would have to come from out of town or state, which could trigger a cycle of explosive population growth, exacerbating the social problems of the city. Acreditar was developed not only to meet the demand for skilled labor, but to reduce the problems caused by migration of workers from other parts of the country and contribute to the development of the region.