Establishment of a Training Centre in the fields of water and Energy in Central Africa : the Central Africa Campus

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30 million of students in 2020 against 10 million in 2010, this is what will happen to Subsaharan Africa. When observing the lack of qualified human resources on the continent, this growth seems to be a chance? It will be if we are able to offer them a high quality training in line with the African economies’ needs. The basic utilities sectors (water, wastewater, energy, construction, roads and transportation, etc.) required for the economic development of these countries, and the high revenue ones (mining, oil) are specifically suffering of this lack of local competencies.


Short training courses for water professionals

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These short interdiscipinary training courses develop capacity of water professionals worldwide on conflict prevention and resolution, including water law and diplomacy. They can be tailored to regional specificities.

The topics covered and the course interactions help strengthening water diplomacy and support collaboration among professionals from diverse sectors. Read the rest of this entry →

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