Increase water use efficiency (10-15%) by 2020 raising up irrigation efficiency

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At the tecnical level, the solution is to raise up irrigation efficiency and to reduce water losses by using closed irrigation systems instead of using lining and flumes for irrigation canals. At the institutional level,  Iraq had promoted water users associations  so that  farmers have a role in water management and to learn how to use high-tech irrigation systems  and to raise awareness in how to use water  and preserve water


Water Loss Reduction in Tulkarm City, West Bank, Palestine.

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One of the main objectives of the Palestinian Water Authority as a regulatory body for the water sector in Palestine is to bridge the gap between water demand and supply through different techniques such as decreasing the water losses in the water network system. Most of the existing water networks in West Bank are old and suffer from high unaccounted for water (UFW) in these communities.

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