An U.S. Interstate/Federal Commission practicing IWRM for 50 Years

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The purpose of the Delaware River Basin Commission is to manage the water resources of the basin without regard to political boundaries. Even though the Commission has been given a number of authorities through the Compact, there was a need to set direction and priorities. It is also true that no one agency can manage water resources – it takes a team of agencies representing multiple levels of government as well as the private sector, academic institutions and non-profit organizations. That’s why in 2000, we developed a broad stakeholder group, the Watershed Advisory Council, to help the Commission develop a direction setting plan for the next 30 years. The Water Resources Plan for the Delaware River Basin (The Basin Plan), 2004, was developed through a facilitated process with significant stakeholder involvement. The Basin Plan has Guiding Principles and addresses five key result areas (KRAs): 1) sustainable use and supply, 2) waterway corridor management, 3) linking land use and water resource management, 4) institutional coordination and cooperation, and 5) education and involvement for stewardship.  Each KRA has a) desired results, b) goals, c) objectives, d) milestones and e) desired outcomes. We wanted this document to be a driver for action.