Harnessing a Water Services Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Supporting Good Governance and Performance

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The MuSSA (Municipal Strategic Self Assessments) survey determines the Business Health (Vulnerability) of 16 key service performance areas/ business attributes at a strategic/high level through the asking of 5 “essence” questions per each key functional business attribute.  The Vulnerability scores per each of the 16 business attribute are tallied into percentages and presented in a “Spider-Diagram” type dashboard thereby providing a vulnerability snap shot view of the overall water and sanitation business.  In order to rank the relative vulnerability of different municipalities, a single score or municipal Vulnerability Index is also generated. The MuSSA vulnerability outputs are then used to prioritize support to address and alleviate both specific areas of vulnerability and overall vulnerability.  The MuSSA is carried out  through the use of a web-based tool, and can be updated at any stage by participants.